24 April 2013

More Wideo Impressions

I previously posted about Wideo, and now I just finished my first one.
Here's what I like about Wideo:

  • It's cloud-based, so you can edit anywhere, but more importantly your students can edit anywhere and you don't have to worry about installing anything.
  • It's free for the most part.
  • It's fairly easy to use, but still powerful enough to make what you want.
  • It's super fast to publish, and you can instantly embed and share.
Here are its limitations:
  • It costs a good chunk of money to download a video. I understand their reasons for this, I just don't have to like it.
  • There's no precise editing features. In other words, you basically have to "eyeball" everything. (This might actually be perfect for students, who I wish didn't just eyeball everything.) I'd be more OK with this if it at least offered snapping.
  • There's no "layers" view of the timeline. You can only look at one object at a time, so considering the eyeballing problem, it's difficult to synchronize things.
I think it'll be a fun tool for the students to use if I choose to roll it out. When I originally went looking for a simple keyframe animator, I had a different purpose in mind. But we teachers take what we can get.

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