02 March 2012

Teaching Typography: Hello My Name Is...

I found this project in a design book, and I modified it to fit my junior high needs. It's simple: the nametag says, "Hello, my name is ________________ and I'm a cowboy." Or alien, or robot, or magician, etc. At this level, the most I expect from them is choosing an appropriate font for the career/personality and maybe a color, and the assignment takes about a day. Further up I'm sure you could expect more and give more time.

The result for my students, I hope, is that they think a little bit more about what font they choose in the future. Heck, for some students, merely the fact that they're changing the font is success.

P.S. During this assignment, students finally noticed my Never use this font poster. Double success.

1 comment:

  1. That's a great idea! I'm thinking I might have my commercial art class do that as a quick, in-class assignment when we talk about typography.