12 November 2011

never use this font

My students' biggest problem is simply leaving their type in the default font: Myriad. Their second biggest problem is that when they finally do discover the ability to change the font, they choose one of these awful fonts: Comic Sans, Papyrus, Party LET, or Zapfino. I don't blame them. Most inexperienced designers do. (Including those yahoos behind Avatar.)

I'm going to hang this prominently in my classroom to subliminally influence my students' typography.


  1. I used to love Comic Sans until the Internet told me that it was ugly. Now I can see that it's ugly. Or can I?

  2. This is something I often wonder: how much of my taste is influenced by my desire to be different? Teachers LOVE comic sans...

  3. Someone in my department at work started using Century Gothic for everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. We're talking Century Gothic in the data in Excel. So gross. The thing is, I love Century Gothic in moderation. But I'm on a mission now to find everything this person has ever written or printed and change it. Ugh!