16 September 2014

New Blog. New Digs. New... Bligs.

Hello internet. Let's be honest. You're probably on my blog because of Harry Potter Monopoly and not because of my educational philosophizing. That's ok. Maybe someone involved with education also happened to be a Harry Potter and Monopoly fan, they found the blog, and then they accidentally read one of my other posts and found it insightful.

Anyway, I've decided to move on. From Blogger, that is. No, internet, I'm not done with you. In fact, I consider it to be leveling up. Instead of using a subdomain of Blogspot, I actually have my own domain with what almost looks like a legitimate website. Check it out: CollettCreative.com. I've already transferred all my Design + Tech Ed posts, so those superfans out there can re-experience my oldie-but-goodie posts without leaving my shiny new website.

With this new legitimacy I plan on blogging more. You can look forward to rants posts about education, technology, design, and/or multimedia. Basically what I've been blogging about here, I guess, but now there's a dedicated page for the tutorials I've made, and a page with my resume information, so employers who read my blog will have an easier time hiring me.

Yep I think that's it. My last post using Blogger. So... bye.


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  2. If your Harry Potter file is still available I would love to have it. I just found your post on Pinterest. Thank you.