07 May 2014

"Don't Use Technology Just to Use Technology." Why Not?

As I study Instructional Technology, teach a technology-centered class, and read articles about technology in education, this is a thought that repeatedly comes up: "Don't use technology just to use technology." They typically argue something to the effect of the objectives taking priority, and technology should only reinforce the objectives.

The future! Wait, how is this better than an overhead projector? She burns more calories?
Frankly, that's ridiculous. Technology has a chance to revolutionize education, why are we cramming it into our existing, ancient structure? First it was the chalkboard, which evolved into a white board. We added overhead projectors and then digital projectors. Now we have smart boards.

Of all the things to get excited about with how technology can revolutionize education, and we're excited about a PowerPoint you can touch?

Don't worry, there's a lot more than smart boards to upset me, but I'll stop here.

This rant is brought to you by Disrupting Class. I'm through the introduction (don't skip the notes at the end of the chapter) and halfway through the first chapter. It's already the best piece of educational writing I've ever read. You should probably buy it. Or just check it out from your library, like I did. You'll still end up buying it.

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