27 June 2013

Level Up Animation

Thanks to some feedback from the nice folks at Instructure (makers of Canvas), I'm in the process of gamifying/badgifying my modules. (Holy cow that sentence sounds so nerdy...) I'll soon be posting those results.

In the meantime, I created a Level Up animation and put it online for anyone to use. It's designed to be used as the very first part in a module. So, for example, when Kelly Kapowski completes Module 1, Module 2 is 'unlocked' and the first thing she sees is this animation. It's a much more exciting way to start off a new unit, I say.

So for the technical details, simply go to your Modules page, click the + Add Content button, and choose External URL. Paste this link in there and you're set. (You can visit the link to check it out.)

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