18 January 2013

Reflection: TLaC Summary in One Quote

Teach Like a Champion, like most non-fiction books, seems to latch onto one idea and repeat it over and over in as many different settings as possible. The only difference between it and other non-fiction I've read, is that that idea isn't ever really summarized. He keeps stabbing at it from different angles but never identifies or summarizes it succinctly. Until now:
[You] are clear, consistent, firm, and unrelenting and at the same time positive, enthusiastic, caring, and thoughtful (p. 213).
That's it. That's what every technique points at. I like the examples given, and the specificity with which he describes them, but I'm trying to refresh my teaching style between semesters and I'm honestly a little overwhelmed. So I'm going to try and focus on that idea quoted above and see where it gets me.

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