28 January 2013

Flipping Bloom

Having a computer lab makes the flipped model obsolete in favor of the blended model. My students don't have to watch the lesson at home for homework; they can watch it during class when they reach that part of the curriculum.

Considering this blog is part design, I really should create my own chart that isn't so bland.
However, I prefer a different kind of flipping: Bloom's Taxonomy.

Remembering and understanding typically come first in school. You learn the memorize-able facts first, then level up to applying and eventually creating. I say flip it. Do the creating first, then evaluate and analyze. Then you can remember and understand a whole lot better when you have a framework of experience to put it in.

Ideally the model is cyclical. You don't just go through it once and you're done. The flipping happening, then, is where you start and which order to go. (Hint: you start with creating and you cycle down through evaluating and understanding to remembering, then start over at creating again.)

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