06 October 2012

Inspiration: The Flipped Classroom

A highly technical diagram of how the flipped classroom works.
In a nutshell, you create a video of the lecture you normally gave in class. Students watch it before class, and then do the work in class that they used to do as homework. This way, the teacher becomes more of a 'guide on the side' rather than 'sage on a stage.' (I love terms that rhyme.) This post on Edutopia explains it in better detail, the good and the bad.

An advantage I have is that I have a computer lab with one computer per student. It doesn't work as a flipped model because if all the students were watching the same video, our internet starts flipping out (no pun intended, I didn't even see it until the proofread). But I don't plan on having all the students watch the same video at the same time; they're going to choose which units and assignments to work on, when. The lecture can be paused and rewatched at their leisure, but my help is available all class period.

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