03 October 2012

Inspiration: Civilization 2

Remember Sid Meier's Civilization 2? I know, there have been more since then, but that's the one I played most.

But here's what it has to do with education: discoveries. In the game, you determine what you want to 'discover' next. Discoveries could be new science, new religion, new technology, but they all lead to new options. For example, once you have Alphabet, you can move on to Mapmaking, and then Navigation. But these discoveries also affected technology. With Alphabet you could build a library. With Navigation you could build a galleon and sail across the sea.

I want class to work this way. I want students to 'unlock' more curriculum by completing challenges. Students would ideally be motivated by future projects they actually want to do. A lot of my students look forward to the t-shirt design project, so I would have them unlock it by completing specific assignments beforehand that will empower them to design a better t-shirt. But if the curriculum itself isn't good enough, you can have students unlock fun projects that are merely related to the curriculum.

This is just a part of my latest educational evolution. I'll post more soon.

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