24 October 2012

Ender's Game Army Logo Design

Salamander Army. I quickly threw this together as an example. Someday I'll try harder.
Ender's Game is probably my favorite book of all time. I've read it more than five times in English, twice in Spanish. The last time, I listened to it. The part came up where Ender is promoted to lead Dragon Army, whose colors are grey-orange-grey. The designer in me thought, "Ooh, nice color scheme. Probably looks good with a nice graphical dragon on a patch."

And that's when I came up with this assignment. Students will pick one of the armies and design a logo for it. They use the pen tool to trace or draw the symbol, then create a background for it, which could be as simple as a circle or as neat as a guillemet. And, of course, they use the colors assigned. Below is a list of armies with corresponding colors. Some of the schemes came from the book, but most I just had to make up.
  • Salamander - dark green, light green, brown
  • Rat - brown, brown, green
  • Phoenix - red, orange, black
  • Dragon - grey, orange, grey
  • Asp - grey, green, black
  • Badger - white, black, grey
  • Centipede - red, black, yellow
  • Condor - black, white, black
  • Ferret - purple, white, black
  • Flame - red, orange, red
  • Griffin - red, yellow, red
  • Hound - brown, black, brown
  • Leopard - orange, black, white
  • Lion - brown, yellow, brown
  • Manticore - green, white, gold
  • Rabbit - red, white, red
  • Scorpion - grey, red, black
  • Spider - purple, green, purple
  • Squirrel - blue, gold, gold
  • Tide - blue, white, blue
  • Tiger - yellow, black, orange
I love having students come up to me to ask what an asp is. Some of them are afraid to say it.

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