28 November 2011

DVD cover redesign

I've been developing my final project assignment for my Communications classes lately. I decided to simply have them do two regular-sized projects, rather than one big one. One piece of feedback I've received is that it would help to have sample projects to look at, to understand what is expected. As a lot of my project assignments are brand new, I don't have any previous student work to show them.

Anyway, one of the options is to design a DVD cover, insert, and disc, so I went ahead and threw together a design to show them, and this is what I came up with:
I focused primarily on the front cover and the disc. By the time I got to the back and the insert, I was just in a hurry to finish it off.

I have yet to kick the habit of the grey, blue, and yellow color scheme. Lately, rather than a muted yellow and blue, I've gone with pure yellow and pure cyan. It makes it look like some skater or snowboarding company. Nevertheless, I'm proud enough to post it.

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